To remember, from the Latin re-cordis: to pass through the heart once again

The memories of citizens contain stories that paint a picture of what some places in San Sebastian were like and how people lived in them. As subjective memories from more than 40 years ago, these memories served as the structure for creating new history, and were reinterpreted by other artists and script writers in radio-theatre workshops and sound art. This sound map was made up of narrations and creations that can be heard though a mobile application while going for a stroll. Users who install this option on their mobile phone will therefore be able to rediscover the city by experiencing and listening to sound, following the established trails or coming up with their own improvised route.

The public launch will take place during the last weekend in February with the soundtracks being performed in diverse public spaces. The application is available free of charge but the sound creations were also broadcast by Casares Irratia.





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  • Place:
    San Sebastian
  • Start:
    26 February
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